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Buy Confetti Rose Flower Hair Brushes (Sold by the dozen) By Wholesale Toys

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  1. Blooming Beauty in Every Brush: Introducing Wholesale Confetti Rose Flower Hair Brushes - exquisite hairbrushes adorned with confetti rose flowers, adding a touch of elegance to every haircare routine.

  2. Sold by the Dozen: Each set includes 12 Confetti Rose Flower Hair Brushes, making it a convenient wholesale option for salons, beauty supply stores, and event planners.

  3. Delicate and Durable: Crafted with precision, these hair brushes feature delicate confetti rose flowers that are securely attached, ensuring a lasting bloom.

  4. Efficient Haircare: The soft bristles of these hairbrushes glide through hair with ease, providing efficient and gentle haircare for all hair types.

  5. Charming Salon Decor: These confetti rose flower hairbrushes not only serve as practical tools but also double as charming salon decorations, adding a touch of floral allure to any setting.

  6. Wholesale Convenience: With wholesale pricing, salon owners can easily stock up on these eye-catching hairbrushes, impressing customers with both style and functionality.

  7. Perfect Salon Giveaways: Looking for salon giveaways or event favors? These confetti rose flower hair brushes make perfect gifts, showcasing your appreciation to customers and guests.

  8. Portable Beauty: Sized for portability, these hairbrushes are ideal for daily use at home, on the go, or while traveling, ensuring beautiful hair anywhere.

  9. Unlock Confidence: Gifting your customers with these elegant hairbrushes will help unlock their confidence, leaving them feeling pampered and beautiful.

  10. A Blossoming Gift: Share the beauty of these confetti rose flower hair brushes with friends and loved ones, offering a blossoming gift that shows you care.

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