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Buy Checkered Printed Spoon and Kitchen Towel Set (MOQ-4) By Wholesale Toys

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  1. Vibrant Red Elegance: The set boasts a rich and vibrant red color, instantly infusing your kitchen with a sense of energy and vitality. This eye-catching hue adds a pop of color and warmth to your space, creating an inviting ambiance.

  2. Fruits/Food Theme: Immerse yourself in the world of wholesome delights with the captivating fruits/food theme that adorns the set. The charming apple design exudes a sense of abundance and comfort, capturing the essence of the harvest season.

  3. Heartfelt Messages: Elevate your kitchen experience with heartfelt messages that radiate gratitude and blessings. These messages serve as a gentle reminder of the importance of cherishing life's moments, creating a heartwarming backdrop for your culinary endeavors.

  4. Perfect for Thanksgiving: With its apple-themed design and messages of thankfulness, the set is a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving preparations. Let your kitchen become a hub of gratitude and celebration, setting the stage for meaningful gatherings.

  5. Optimal Size: The generously sized kitchen towel measures 16" x 28", providing ample coverage for all your cooking and cleaning needs. Its practical dimensions make it an essential tool for every kitchen task.

  6. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): The set is available with a minimum order quantity of 4, making it an ideal choice for both personal use and thoughtful gifting.

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