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Buy Air Fresheners Asst Novelty Prints With Essential Oils ( Group 1 ) Wholesale

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Pick Style Range In Size 4" Larger Styles, 2 1/2 Inch Smaller  

Assorted Scents. If You Want A Certain Scent Please Add A Note. We Will Try Our Best To Fill The Scent.

Each Individually Packaged With Card For Hanging 

We Only Use Natural Premium Essential Oils To Ensure The Safest And Most Eco-Friendly Product Possible.  All Of Our Designs Are Made Of 100% Pure And Natural Plant Based Extracts Ensuring The Safety And Child Friendly Nature Of Our Air Fresheners.  

Our Scents: 

Passion Fruit: A Sweet Natural Scent Of Freshly Cut Passion Fruit.

Black Diamond: A Slightly Masculine Cologne Scent.

Green Tea: A Rich And Refreshing Aroma Of Freshly Picked Green Tea Leaves.

Jasmine: A Rich Flowery Aroma Of White Jasmine Blooms. 

Ocean Breeze: A Refreshing Scent Of The Ocean’S Fresh Air.

Vanilla: A Rich And Creamy Aroma Of Freshly Baked Vanilla Cookies.


Instruction For Use: 

Gradually Open The Plastic Wrapper And Take Out The Air Freshener Over A Two-Week Period In Order To Have The Scent Last The Longest And Not Have An Over-Powering Smell Once Opening. Hang The Air Freshener On Your Rear-View Mirror For Up To 3 Weeks. Elastic Band For Easy Hanging. 

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